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Graphic Designing Intern

Job Description:

We are looking for a junior Graphic Designer with a great taste for design. We are a small set of Engineers who are offloaded to different projects. We work in developing educational, health and productivity apps (Android/iOS).

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts for different tasks keeping in mind the aims and objectives to be achieved; Should be able to create catchy and attractive designs and layouts for Digital/Social Media Marketing, Websites.
  • Should have a little bit of experience in logo/icon designing, app screenshots, app mockups and so on.
  • Knowledge of any of Adobe Creative suite, or Affinity Designer, Sketch etc.
  • A little bit of proven graphic designing experience and demonstrable skills with a portfolio is preferred.
  • Should have a little bit of experience in videos making for products and tutorials.

For this opportunity, you will have to design all the things that are needed for an application from idea to production.

Job Location:

National Incubation Centre, Peshawar (or remote).

About Us

Coding Homies is a startup of professional master minds in the field of Mobile Apps Development. Our mission is to develop user-friendly mobile applications that will facilitate our users for their lifetime. Currently our main focus is to develop Android and iOS mobile apps. The core members of Coding Homies are App Designers, App Developers and App Store Optimizers.

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